Tsunami Targeted Legs and Butt Workout

Tsunami Targeted Legs and Butt Workout
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Tsunami 25 Minutes Legs and Thigh workout is an extremely effective sculpting workout for your legs and butt. When you get advanced enough, we recommend that you combine this workout with Tornado Super Advanced Legs and Thigh Workout, Volatility Leg Build Tighten and Sculpt and Titanium Ultimate Butt Workout to help achieve insane results. Megan lost 95 pounds and helped us create Tsunami Intermediate Legs and Butt workout for those who need to target their legs and butt while being crunched for time. At just 25 minutes, this is a perfect workout for those who are traveling or those who have a short lunch break. Get your buns done! A droopy butt is so overrated. This workout can be performed just about anywhere. Just upload it to your smart phone or your laptop and perform it right in your hotel room!

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