Targeted Training Program - Legs and Butt

Targeted Training Program - Legs and Butt
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We designed this workout series to target your butt and legs with a primary focus on your butt muscles. Tornado Super Advanced Legs and Thigh Workout brutally targets your larger muscle groups. We then add Titanium Ultimate Butt Workout along with Volatility Legs – Build Tighten and Sculpt workout to target your small butt muscle group. Used together, these workouts sculpt, lift and tighten to deliver a truly great butt. These three workout videos in particularly are absolutely loved by our clients and is a must have if you want a magical looking ass.

TITANIUM ULTIMATE BUTT WORKOUT - Titanium really is an amazing butt workout. This 45-minute targeted butt training workout is seriously loved by all our clients. They really LOVE this workout because it delivers damn good results. While no one workout does it all, with Titanium, rather than just focusing on your larger butt muscles only; Titanium laser guided exercises particularly targets your small butt muscles groups as well. It complements your larger butt muscles to help you deliver that magical beach bubble butt that is tighter, lifted and is a beautiful work of art.

TORNADO – SUPER ADVANCER LEGS AND THIGH WORKOUT – Prepare for the Tornado. Seriously… Tornado is no joke! This plyometric, High Intensity Interval Training workout at only 16 minutes will make you feel like you were hit by a tornado. It come on slow, builds and ends with you collapsing with your legs feeling like jelly after this miserable workout. If you can perform Tornado more than once back to back send us a video, otherwise we won’t take your word for it. This is an awesome workout for advanced and super advanced fitness level. If you are crunch for time or just want to freshen-up your routine… Step into the Tornado and prepare to be swept away!

VOLATILITY – LEGS – BUILD – TIGHTEN & SCULPT – Mystique is a Bikini Fitness National Champion and an IFBB professional athlete. She is very discipline and is very precise on the execution of her exercise biomechanics. You will learn to appreciate how committed Mystique is to making sure you achieve results. Volatility, like Titanium are both amazing butt workouts that are designed to sculpt, lift, tighten and tone your butt muscles. These two workouts in particular works like scalpels to really help to shape your butt. We strongly recommend that you incorporate both Titanium and Volatility as part of your regular workout regimen.

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